" Everything I’ve ever done successfully is because I had great people around me. I’m a firm believer in the “turtle on the fence post” principle. If you ever see a turtle on the fence post - you know he didn’t get there by himself.  (B&G: thanks Gene, Rob to name a few. Iraq: thanks Kiel, Deal, and Top. CFMO: thanks MAJ Hunt and Jack.  Essayon: thanks Rob, Brandon, and Jason)"  ~ Israel Brown

ESSAYON Progress Management is led by Israel Brown who is the President and Chief Executive Officer.  Prior to becoming the President and CEO of Essayon, Israel served as a project manager and estimator for Brasfield and Gorrie General Contractors (B&G). He has also served as a Combat Engineer for over 10 years and as an Engineer Commander (OIF 08-09) where he lead 104 combat engineers into combat, and conducted Route Clear and Route Reconnaissance in Iraq, Baghdad.  During his tour in Iraq he was awarded the Bronze Star for his courage, leadership and commitment to mission success in battle. After leaving B&G Israel became the Director of Facility Operations and followed by the Director of Engineering for the Georgia Army National Guard overseeing engineering and construction for 178 facilities in the state. Now as the President/CEO of Essayon and is responsible for the overall leadership of the company and controls all business and affairs of the company.

Israel Brown

President / CEO



Mr. Brown, a project manager and entrepreneur, brings a highly respected military and project management background with multiple years of experience estimating and managing construction on large commercial projects with a major privately owned construction firm.

“As a former combat engineer commander I learned a warrior ethos, I learned some values, I learned some morals that I wanted to infuse in every part of my life. The Engineer motto is what stuck with me the most. I can remember looking into the eyes of my Soldiers before difficult missions and saying the Engineer Motto “ESSAYON” (Let us try!)  

The motto has a warrior spirit that no mission is too tough, no challenge was too hard.  The motto has a spirit about it that said we will not be defeated and we would complete any mission at whatever cost.  I wanted to bring the same spirit into business for our clients. ESSAYON!” by Israel. ESSAYON Progress Management started with a complex opportunity presented with Brasfield & Gorrie.  We said “ESSAYON” and began offering our services in January 2013 as the turn-key construction manager of a 218 unit wood-framed apartment complex.

ESSAYON is DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) Certified in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Washington D.C., and Kentucky.